I am sure you have found it simple to discover listings that look great on the internet. All home-search sites use the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) as the principal source of data, but they only provide limited information to the general public about a property for sale. (Including the home-search included here!)

HERE IS THE SECRET TO SUCCESS. When getting started in the home buying process: Find a good Realtor to provide you listing information from the very beginning. Eventually you will need a qualified person to assist you, so find a Realtor that will work with you on your terms, and it will save you countless hours of your time.

For all of my buyer clients, my method is simple and pressure free. I use a program that sweeps the MLS daily, and automatically emails every home matchng your listing the day it hits the market,  including critical data you will not find on a public search engine. You get the same info that Realtors share with each other. With my method, it is completely up to you on how often you want to hear from 

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When choosing a Realtor, you should pick someone experiened that you can trust, and someone that clicks with your personality. Remember, a Buyers Agent does not charge you a fee, so why not hire a professional at the beginning? A good Realtor is not pushy, but should send you a daily list of homes that match your search criteria. At the same time, you should be allowed to look on your own all you want, - but when you find something, you have a professional with your best intrests in mind ready to assist you immediately. I do not recommend to any buyer that they gather information on a property from an agent representing the seller.

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